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What is Chargebrella?

Chargebrella is a portable electricity generator which is able to charge any type of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras or GPS systems. It offers a solution for those who happen to be in places with no or limited access to electricity sources.

How does it work?

Technically, it is a thermoelectric generator which produces electricity from alternative and renewable energy sources – specifically from different sources of heat such as sunlight, fire heat or other sources of heat above 250 °C / 482 °F.

Chargebrella can charge any portable devices as quickly as other chargers or USB port.

It can be used in two ways:

During rainy days or at night, where there is a lack of – or no solar energy at all – the device can produce electricity from various sources of heat. All you have to do is place the handle near the source of the heat – such as campfire.

During sunny days, the Chargebrella is able to produce electricity thanks to the reflective material on the umbrella, focusing the heat from sunlight into the handle. The handle which serves as a generator then transforms the heat radiation into electricity.

Who can Chargebrella help?

Anyone who spends time in places with no or limited access to electricity:

  • travellers
  • photographers
  • extreme sportsmen
  • visitors of outdoor festivals…

Professionals working outdoors or in extreme conditions:

  • rescuers
  • humanitarian aid workers
  • speleologists
  • journalists…

What is innovative about Chargebrella?

Current solutions using renewable resources are dependent on particular source of renewable energy which makes them unable to adapt to various conditions. We created a device which does not have the limitations which competitive products have, since Chargebrella works both during the day and night and has the ability to use various sources of renewable energy, specifically heat.

When compared to similar products:

  • Unlike photovoltaic chargers, Chargebrella is able to charge your devices day&night.
  • Unlike portable batteries, it is not dependent on external sources of electricity as it generates electricity itself.
  • And in comparison to dynamo rechargers, it saves time as it does not require physical activity.

Last but not least, it has an environmental impact – as it reduces consumption of non-renewable energy sources while increasing usage of renewable sources.

Current development

Chargebrella is an award winning startup which was selected among TOP 3 projects at the national competition Business Idea 2016 organised by Tatra banka Foundation Slovakia.

Chargebrella is a patented technology which went through several years of development. Our team is currently finalising prototype – specifically its users’ version based on successfully tested laboratory prototype.

Is it on sale already?

We are currently finalising prototype. If you wish to be among the first ones to know about our latest news, feel free to subscribe to our list.