Solution in places with no or limited access to electricity sources

Charging all your mobile device

Chargebrella is a portable electricity generator which is able to charge any type of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras or GPS systems.

Turning solar energy into electricity

During sunny days it transforms the heat from sunlight into electricity.

Using different sources of heat

During rainy days or at night the device can produce electricity from various sources of heat, such as the heat of a campfire.

Practical & easy to carry around

Chargebrella has a lightweight construction, removable handle which can be used separately, and 12 V universal connector.

Day & night
Chargebrella can be used 24/7

during the day

at night


National Winner representing Slovakia in the World Finals

University Startup Cup 2017

Business Idea 2016 Award from Tatra Bank Foundation

Business Idea 2016

Daniel Šlosár – Person of the Year in Technology 2015

Scientist of the Year 2015

Special BMW Award for Sustainable Development and Innovation

Student Personality of Slovakia 2015